Offer a loyalty system to your clients

Let your clients build partnership, loyalty, and engagement programs with help of gamification

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Core values

Client Gamification

Engage clients by creating games and tasks related to your products and services. Create authentic experiences for consumers to sustain brand affection.

Shopping Club

Create a bygone retail climate by creating an exclusive and closed online shopping club. Members have early access to your new and existing product

Affiliation Platform

Build a modern referral community to increase your sales. Give your partners a set of marketing tools that help them to bring new clients.

Influence Platform

Let influencers promote your products and services in their social media for rewards. Measure their effect on your brand in real-time.

Core features

Workspace builder

Users can build their own workspace that can be customized with logotype, brand, and more

Facebook wall

Members of the program can easily communicate with each other with use of a Facbeook-style wall


System can work both with simple points counter or use multi-level marketing sharing options


The built-in anti-fraud system protects interests of the client.

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How it works for the end-client


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