The on-boarding process

We will serve you the tailored system!

Getreve installation process

What comes next?

You get full access to the platform where you need to set your business terms

Set payment terms

You need to decide how you serve the system to your clients. Is the system open or closed for the public? Do you offer a trial? How much you charge.


If you already have any type of software you can easily connect it with our platform with the use of REST API

You can build a subscription-based offer

Our systems are designed to be purely SaaS. That means you can build recurring subscription plans based on resources your clients are using. You decide in the configuration panel how you want to charge clients and for what.


Clients can use the system for free with limited resources. When they use up those resources, they need to upgrade their plan


You can set the price for the resources people need. If they need more resources, they simply migrate to the larger plan


You can let people use the system without limits, but charge them a commission on every confirmed the sale that comes through the system


A self-registration website or API-driven accounts

In the simplest possible way, you take one piece of our software. We install it on the server and add your logo and domain. You get access to the web portal where you can configure all the rules. On top of that we offer other types of provisioning:


Clients can create accounts by themselves or you can create it for them. Just like in regular SaaS. You will get a SaaS (Software as a Service) system where you can do everything from a web browser, without the need for any specific IT knowledge.


The accounts can be created and managed with the use of our provisioning API. Our provisioning API allows you to manage the system from your current IT system or infrastructure. Examples of API requests: create an account, change limit, and more

Third-party platforms

The accounts will be created by a third-party provisioning platform that is integrated with the system. If you already have a provisioning platform that enables you to sell SaaS, you can easily integrate the service with our platforms like ServiceNow or WHMCS

Customization is the key to success

We do everything to create software with a confirmed market-fit


You can have your platform in any language you require. Our systems are designed to work as a global service


Our platform has fully developed billing systems that you can configure and that can work with any currency


Our platforms are designed to work under your domain. You decide on which domain you will operate


We will modify our system if it's necessary for you to fit your best expectations


We will integrate our system with any solution that is required to make your business up and running


We fully maintain the software for our clients. You don't need to worry about the tech and focus on business

Fully maintained

You don't need to worry about maintaining your White Label instance.
We can do almost everything for you.


We will update your WL platform constantly with the latest bugfixes.


You will get all the constant upgrades. We're improving our platforms daily


You will have access to our WL support center by email, phone, chat.

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